Our Menu

Payments, Reservations and Attire

  • While we do not accept credit cards, we will gladly accept cash, your personal check, or assist you to open a Pine Club personal house account.
  • Reservations are not available, but please call us so that we can help suggest a convenient time for your dinner.
  • While a jacket and tie are not required, proper attire is requested.


Combination 4 Shrimp & 4 Blue Point Oysters

Includes 4 of each


Shrimp Cocktail

Includes 5 Shrimp


Broiled Lobster

Whole Tail


Nantucket Cape Scallops

4 Ounces


Blue Point Oysters on Half Shell

6 Oysters


Fried Blue Point Oysters

6 Oysters


Marinated Herring in Sour Cream


Pine Club Onion Rings


Creamed Spinach



Dinners include our famous stewed tomatoes or the fresh vegetable of the day, choice of potatoes, salad dressings, and dinner rolls.

Filet Mignon

8 Ounce Cut


Extra Heavy Filet Mignon

10 Ounce Cut


Strip-Loin Steak

12 Ounce Cut


Extra Heavy Strip-Loin Steak

16 Ounce Cut


“Double” Strip-Loin Steak

Dinner for two-24 Ounce Cut



18 Ounce Cut


“Double” Porterhouse

Dinner for two-36 Ounce Cut


“Bone In” Rib Eye Steak

20 Ounce Cut


“Bone In” Filet

14 Ounce Cut


Broiled Lamb Loin Chops

Two Heavy Cuts


Broiled Veal Chop

Double Thick Cut


Broiled Center Cut Pork Chops

Two 8 Ounce Pork Chops


Calves Liver and Sauteed Onions


Braised Tenderloin Tips

Served with Fresh Mushrooms


Chopped Beef Tenderloin

13 Ounce


Fresh Rocky Mountain Rainbow Trout

16 Ounce


Cold Shrimp Platter

10 Jumbo Shrimp


French Fried Shrimp

5 Jumbo Shrimp


Surf & Turf

(Filet 8 Ounce Cut & one tail)


Broiled Lobster Tails

(3 whole tails)


Nantucket Cape Scallops



Available for an additional charge when substituted for a dinner item.

Caesar Salad

4.00 a la carte 5.95

Mescalin Salad


Asparagus with Hollandaise


Pine Club Creamed Spinach


Lyonnaise Potatoes

(Hash Browns with Sautéed Onions)


Pine Club Garlic Mashed Potatoes


“Loaded” Potatoes


Sauteed Mushrooms


Sour Cream with chives





Sandwich platters include onion rings, french fries or salad.

Pine Club Filet Steak Sandwich



Pine Club Filet Steak Sandwich


Pine Club Hamburger Platter


Pine Club Cheeseburger Platter


Hot Ham & Swiss Cheese on Rye Platter


Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Platter

(Double Decker)


Sardines on Rye Platter